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Emerald Green is built around three lakes--Lake Louise Marie, Davies Lake and Treasure Lake--which are the centerpoint of our community. The lakes are conducive of a wide variety of outdoor activities throughout the year, including fishing, boating, swimming, ice fishing, and more! (Please remember, no gas-powered engines on the lakes.

Some things to keep in mind when using the lakes...

  • All three EGPOA lakes are Catch & Release lakes. This means that fish caught in one our lakes must be returned to the lake. Please inform your family and friends of this rule to help preserve our lakes.
  • If a fish is hooked badly and bleeding, do not attempt to remove the hook. Cut the line and release the fish. In most instances the fish will survive.
  • All boats, of any kind used in the lakes must be registered with the Emerald Green office and have a sticker affixed to the left side of the bow. Please abide by this rule and avoid the embarassment of a neighbor having to ask you if you belong in the community.

View the Boat and Dock Policy and the Dock Installation Procedures from the Documents section of the website.

Also, please be sure to fill out the Boat Registration Form, found in the Forms and Applications section of the website.